People are always inquiring about how they can help PAWS of Bremerton both financially and with gifts of food, toys, and others. Below you will find various ways you can support us. As always we appreciate any and all donations no matter how big or small. We would not be able to keep our services going without your support.

Amazon Affiliate Links:

Below you will find links to items we always need on hand, such as cat food, litter, toys, etc. These links are all affiliate links, which basically means PAWS gets a small benefit for you using our links for the donations. Just click on the selected link and amazon will do the rest. As always thank you!

Paypal Link:

Donate to PAWS of Bremerton on PayPal!

Kitsap Great Give 2023

As we do every year we are participating in this years Kitsap Great Give of 2023. The great giving day is April 11, 2023 but donations can be given before the main event. Please click the image below to find out even more about this years giving event and how you can support our cause.